We are a heart centered transformational community sharing life mastery living concepts and strategies to taking inspired action. Where we can uncover our highest self, our authentic self…our real self with a community of like minded women and together, lift the human spirit. It’s a place where people who are living a life they love can help others do the same. We are here to serve; To be a force for good and greater good, to love and inspire women of all ages to transform their thoughts, and dreams plus empower them to create their highest life.

Its about living a free life and allowing others to experience the real you and the unique gifts you bring to the world.

It’s about being the best version of you, celebrating you, and deepening your connection with yourself; so that you can and will experience new levels of purpose and success.

Now It’s Your Turn Ladies!

If you’ve ever dreamed of living to be your whole whole, perfect, and complete self then now is the perfect time!

Why Live to be the real YOU?

I’ve found out from my own life experience of being stuck and trying to meet up to other people’s expectations that so many people are stuck. Stuck in their job that they don’t love, stuck not receiving the money they deserve, stuck in relationships that don’t serve them, stuck trying to be who someone else says they need to be, or what they need to do in order to get others to like and accept them.

People are trapped in the conception that they need to please others in order to be happy and to become successful… to be free! There was always something someone had to say when I was just being me. Whether it was laughing over the top, talking all the time, being an out front type of person, sharing with others my pride for what I was passionate about. Whatever it was someone had something to say about what I was doing wrong, and why I should not be me.

Now I don’t know about you – but it sucks and weighs on your soul when you cannot Be The Real You!

People often ask me, how I have been able to overcome it all and live the life I was born to live?

And it comes down to these clear things,

  • My Clear Vision
  • My Daily Intent
  • My in the Moment Mindset
  • The conscious awareness of the “Feeling Vibes” I put out and how to continually shift those throughout the moments of today to create the reality I desire.
  • My day to day practice of knowing how to get out of the way of the how and allow every opportunity, avenue and channel for my highest expression of good and greater good to reveal itself.
  • To Give, serve and make a difference in the lives of others.

My greatest passion is to share this with others! T0 Be a living example of what is available within each of us.

My business partner and I Amrita Holden are on a mission to help and inspire over a million women worldwide to Live from their highest self, “Living To Be The Real You”

And if you’re reading this, You were attracted to us for a reason, because You are ready to “Live To Be the Real You! To live your Highest Expression of Excellence!

I want to help you “Live To Be The Real You” however it looks for you. We have within us what it takes to live a Whole, Perfect, and complete life one moment at a time.

Do you want to live a life that you design? A life that is full of joy and fulfillment? A life that expresses who you truly are? A life of freedom that allows you to share with others how to do the same?

Whatever it looks like for you, what you are seeking is already seeking you, and you are here for a reason…

You were born to live a whole, perfect and complete life!


Our Core Values:

Core #1

BE our Expanded Self
The Real You. Create a clear vision.

Core #2

Live in Today
Intend in Today. Live in the moment. Have fun. Success should be enjoyable.

Core #3

Positive Change
We believe anyone can transform their life and thrive.

Core #4

BE your best according to what feels good, what feels joyous
We strive for this in everything we do.

Core #5

It’s better to do this together.

Core #6

Access is within. Imagine you are already what you desire to be. Everyone should be challenged to grow. We are coded for success.

Core #7

Nothing great happens until you act within, you push yourself to create new habits, and take inspired action

Core #8

Trust and let go of the HOW
There are Infinite avenues, channels, and ways good and greater good can demonstrate.



If you would like to initiate an Expanded Woman Chapter in your city, please email mailto:info@expandedwoman.com include your website, social media pages and a paragraph describing how you are in alignment with Expanded Woman and why you wish to join our team.


Expanded Woman addresses global issues important to women, young women, and their families:


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The Expanded Woman

What if you could discover how to live from your Expanded Self, being able to create a life that reflects who you truly are, and face the unknown with openness and trust, sensing what is emerging by being present to what is now? How would it feel to participate creatively in a wider field of knowing and doing, giving a voice to an evolutionary impulse, inviting self and others to new places never seen or experienced?

The truth is that you are here to live from your expanded self, your soul. With willingness, you can live from your Highest Self and achieve an inner peace like you never imagined.

Expanded Woman Global Community truly believes that who you are and how you feel as an individual has an impact on everyone as a whole.

Expanded Woman is a place where those extraordinary women who understand and really get, that life is about coming together in both individual and shared collaboration, in conversation and connection, to become inspired by the gift we truly all are.

That’s why Expanded Woman is a place where we can share our expanded self…our real self with a community of like minded women and together, lift the human spirit. It’s a place where people who are living a life they love can help others do the same. It’s a place where people who want to love their lives can learn how to break through their glass ceiling and make that happen.

Today I want to share a few ways that are the most important Expanded Woman keys of all–the keys to making the greatest difference in living the life you were born to live. This way of being brings into your life all you’ve been struggling to create: security, opportunity, creative expression, pleasure, abundance, joy, happiness, and love. Happiness comes not because you have finally acquired something or reached a desired goal, but because you have simply made an important, but profound shift in your understanding of what life is all about, and knowing what you are really here to do.

As a woman, in order to find harmony in your life, you may find it necessary to cultivate a way of knowing, understanding, and recognizing yourself, releasing the guilt, shame, and judgment that has given you a lifetime of conflict.

How do you do this? By being true to yourself. By surrendering control of trying to make things happen and realizing that the Source of Power to create lies within. By taking that 18 inch journey from head to heart and surrendering to an Infinite power for good within you, expecting every avenue, channel, and opportunity to reveal itself.

When you discover your true self, you will discover your happiness is not about having, but about BEING. When this transformation happens, the search for love ends. There is no more fear or insecurity. You will have expanded to the awareness that you are your own source of love, connected to everything in creation. Everything you want is waiting for you to claim it.

When you have expanded into being from this state, you can amplify your happiness by choosing to feel love, joy and peace and releasing worry and doubt. Dream it, imagine it, and be it, because it feels good. Allow yourself to be in vibrational compliance with who you truly are. Feel the reality of this. Feeling good is an inner state that comes in many forms. Your emotions are letting you know moment to moment the vibrational gap between who you really are and who you are allowing yourself to be.

Align with what you are creating. If anything shows up that is not in alignment with the expanded life you have imagined, it is your job to get back to feeling good. Remind yourself that, when you don’t feel good, it is your job to get out of the way of how. The belief that you must take action outwardly to create the life you desire is a flawed premise. Radiating the state of feeling good from the inside is where you want to put the emphasis.

Your level of happiness is based on how you choose to see and experience life. When you let go of trying to control every aspect of how you can make life work, you become open and receptive to messages from the universe as it reveals itself in magical ways. When you become quiet and listen, miracles will follow. Happy people make time every day for this quiet time (meditation). It allows your brain to refresh itself and renews your spirit.  It is a vibrant tingle that makes you want to go out and play. Being playful is a way to unleash your power. The happiness you feel when you let go and involve yourself in fun, relaxation, and play is pure alignment with spirit.


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