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A Global Women’s Network Dedicated To Female Inspiration, Personal Development, And Life Mastery Concepts For Women

Expanded Woman embodies the belief, that we are all one!  We

are here to help shift the old way of thinking from me to we.

A way of thinking, raising vibrations, and helping every

woman realize their highest potentials. So they can

better fulfill their mission, live their best life,

and raise the frequency

of the planet.






Forward Thinking


Problem Solvers




Women Owned. Women Business Enterprise. 

A Global Woman’s Network Inspiring women Expanding Expression 

for Excellence, that supports, connects, and educates women,

through mentorship, and community.  We are a

community of women helping women to

achieve goals, personally

 and professionally.”




The Power of Female Friendships









Louise Bernikow states, “The true benefits of friendship are immeasurable. Friends make our lives better and studies show that friendship has a bigger impact on our physical and psychological wellbeing than family relationships. Women share a special bond; they bare their souls to each other, support and encourage one another.” Get inspired to live your best life ever. We are creating support systems with uplifting and empowering women helping each other to live their full potential. This is a place where thought leaders, change makers, industry transformers and everyday women come together in sisterhood to build each other up. 







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“We Rise By Lifting Others.” – Robert Ingersoll


Please make yourself at home while I share what we are creating here at Expanded Woman. If you are a heart centered thought leader and entrepreneur, who has your own unique gifts to share with the world, then you are in the right place.

YOU ALSO MAY HAVE NOTICED, THERE IS A SHIFT EMERGING. A state of new awareness, yearnings, and momentum to vision a new way of BEING within yourself and business. A way in which we lift each other up in sisterhood, we passionately share our unique gifts, reach out for collaboration, become vulnerable, and we authentically communicate who we are to just the right people who are open and ready to receive it.

IT’S A MORE MINDFUL AND CONSCIOUS WAY TO BE IN BUSINESS WITHOUT THE COMPETITION MINDSET. It’s about building trust, connection and a meaningful community through real conversations, and generosity. Its about kindness, honesty, and integrity. It’s about blending creative strategies by implementing your own intuition, and listening to what we are being called to bring forth into the world.. It’s about making a difference with each of our unique gifts and having an impact on women of all ages.


We are a heart centered transformational community sharing life mastery living concepts and strategies to taking inspired action. Where we can uncover our highest self, our authentic self…our real self with a community of like minded women and together, lift the human spirit. It’s a place where people who are living a life they love can help others do the same. We are here to serve; to be a force for good and greater good, to love and inspire women of all ages to transform their thoughts, and dreams plus empower them to create their highest life.

Its about living a free life and allowing others to experience the real you and the unique gifts you bring to the world.

It’s about being the best version of youcelebrating you, and deepening your connection with yourself; so that you can and will experience new levels of purpose and success.

What does it take to be the real you? To go from good to greater good? To realize your true greatness? If you are nodding your head and think that you might want to be a part of expanding your expression for excellence, then I invite you to explore the rest of our online resources to discover more.

“Expanded Woman, A way of thinking, raising vibrations, and helping every woman be their highest self”

― Sherry Gideons


“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”  – Rumi

Services to Help You Soar.

We are in the business of helping women to achieve their dreams – and we’re in the business of helping you. Here at Expanded Woman we provide coaching programs that provide expert guidance, training, and life mastery solutions to help you master the life you were born to live.

The Dream Builder Coaching System

Working With The Law Program

Into Your Genius Program


We are here to help you Live your best life! To live in alignment with your highest self, and to help you transcend, transform, and thrive sharing the unique gift you are with heart and soul.




Take a joyful, pleasure-filled adventurous trip to cultivate greater Self Love in a beautiful place like Italy or Kauai, Expanded Woman will help you Transform, Transcend and Thrive your life to the next level.



Do you have an interest in writing about your personal or professional insights and growth? We invite members of our Community to share their unique perspective in order to promote sharing our mutual wisdom and strengthen our relationships.


Start Your Journey to Wholeness!


Our Healing Retreats are Designed to Connect You With Your Highest Self, which will help to restore you to excellent health and vitality and the wholeness you deserve.






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